House Cleaning

AtĀ  Better By Audrey we understand the value of time, and we know that most people don’t like to spend their time house cleaning. That’s where we come in! That’s where we shine!

We Provide Peace of Mind

Our housecleaners provide more than a clean home. They provide peace of mind that your home and it’s furnishings are beingĀ  treated with care and respect.

Better By Audrey’s cleaners are pleasant individuals who spark a warm working relationship. Not only will your house be left fresh smelling and clean, but you’ll feel as though the needs of your home have been cared for individually.
We’re happy to customize your service in any way that we can. We are not a “check list” service, so you can expect a personalized service at each visit. Our cleaners clean your home like it’s their own. They pay attention to detail and clean with their heart and soul.

Get in Touch

This web site will help you learn a little more about us, but a website alone can’t convince you that we are right for you. We invite you to contact us today to see how we can help you feel more relaxed and peaceful in your own home.